CEAS provides appraisals of machinery and equipment. Our valuations are in conformance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).


Our fees for appraisal services are competitive, based on the time and expense related to a particular assignment. They are generally on an agreed contract price, including or plus all expenses, but can be on an open per-diem basis, plus travel, report production and delivery expenses. Third-party inquiries, pretrial conferences and expert testimony are not included in the appraisal contract price, and are charged separately on a per diem basis, plus travel and other related expenses.


Whether signing a new loan or lease, or managing a portfolio account, the due diligence tools of appraisals and inspections can be used to assess collateral before and after a deal is signed. Near end of term, the borrower and lender alike receive the benefit of disposing of excess or dated inventory they might take a loss on later.


Our objective is to provide accurate, in-depth information upon which you can rely to make informed decisions concerning your machinery and equipment. We achieve this objective by applying our professional experience and knowledge of the industry and market trends. Through networking arrangements, we can provide a full scope of valuation services to evaluate whole plants, process lines and single pieces of equipment for all major industries, financial institutions and government agencies worldwide.


As you can expect from a client driven firm, Certifed Equipment Appraisal Services continues "after-the-sale". We are at your service before, during and after the report is delivered to answer questions, provide feedback or just be available for our clients.


CEAS take several factors into account when evaluating equipment, including manufacturer, make, model, year of manufacture, accessories, optional equipment, market demand, market availability, obsolescence, current economic conditions, and, of course, the machine or equipment's condition.


In Place valuations may include costs of transportation, rigging, foundation, installation, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic, and pneumatic facilities.


CEAS will work closely with you, learning your exact value classification needs and appraisal requirements. After evaluating current worldwide market conditions, we will provide you with precise, industry-specific appraisal valuations. Your final machinery equipment appraisal report will be customized for your needs.


Appraisal Services

  • Desktop Opinions
  • On Site Physical Inspection & Appraisal
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Insurance Premium/Loss
  • Lease Review & EOL
  • Charitable Donations
  • Estate Planning
  • Ad Valoreum (Property Tax)
  • Ownership Transfer Inspections





We adhere to the highest standard of excellence and ethics in the machinery and equipment appraisal industry set by the National Equipment and Business Builders Institute and comply with the regulations and ethics of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal.


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