CEAS takes many factors into account when evaluating equipment, including manufacturer, make, model, year of manufacture, accessories, optional equipment, market demand, market availability, obsolescence, current economic conditions, and, of course, the machine or equipments condition.


Appraisal Cost
The cost of a certified machinery and equipment appraisal depends on the number of items which have to be appraised. The fist step is to discuss the details and requirements with you. Typically we need documentation on the equipment, such as depreciation schedule or detailed asset list, which could be in the form of an inventory list. We will then be in a postion to calculate the quote for the appraisal. In Place valuations may include costs of transportation, rigging, foundation, installation, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic, and pneumatic.


CEAS will work closely with you, learning your exact value classification needs and appraisal requirements. After evaluating current worldwide market conditions, we will provide you with precise, industry-specific appraisal valuations. Your final machinery equipment appraisal report will be customized for your needs.

Appraisal Services

  • Desktop Opinions
  • On Site Physical Inspection & Appraisal
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Insurance Premium/Loss
  • Lease Review & EOL
  • Charitable Donations
  • Estate Planning
  • Ad Valoreum (Property Tax)
  • Ownership Transfer Inspections





We adhere to the highest standard of excellence and ethics in the machinery and equipment appraisal industry set by the National Equipment and Business Builders Institute and comply with the regulations and ethics of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal.


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